If a car has been involved in an accident or is too old to function one might ask; is my car worth repairing. To help one in making that decision one should consider the following factors
If a car is likely to need high maintenance in the future as compared to buying a new one, one should consider replacing the car instead of repairing it only for the car to break down again in the future.
How much the car is worth. One should compare the price the car will fetch and the price a new car will cost. If one will not be able to afford to buy a new car, one should consider repairing the old car to as they save to be able to buy a new one. Before choosing to repair or replace a car one should ask whether there is enough money to buy a new one
Another factor that one needs to consider if they are asking is my car worth repairing question is how the new car will be paid for. One should have a reliable source to pay for the new car if they decide to replace the car instead of repairing it
One should consider seeking services of a professional mechanic to help evaluate if the car is worth repairing. A mechanic is the best person to help with the decision since he/she will look at the car and decide if repairing it will cost more than selling it or buying a new car.
One should talk with family members to help in making the decision if the car is worth repairing or not. Other family members who have used the car will be in a position to tell whether the car is worth repairing or should be replaced with a new one.