As much as car towing looks like an easy endeavor, if you lack the proper know-how, it could easily end up in disaster. When towing a car, some of the things that you should take into consideration include:
The weight of the towing vehicle otherwise referred to as the coach vehicle- Experts recommend that the lead vehicle should be at least 750 pounds heavier than the car being towed.The best towing method that suits the car in question- There are various methods to carry out this operation with each having its own distinct benefits and lol champion drawbacks. Whilst some are safer and more expensive than others, there are some that require you to disassemble parts of the car before it is towed.The competence of the coach vehicle’s braking system- The brakes should be capable of bringing both vehicles to an immediate stop when the need arises.

Types of car towing

Car towing can be effected in various ways. Some of these are:
Flatbed car towing- This is one of the safest ways to tow a car as it involves the use of specialized trucks that have a flat bed at the rear. The flatbed trailer typically has four wheels which are located close to the center so as to balance the car’s weight. This type of service is usually offered by most towing services. However, a drawback to this towing method is that the weight of the trailer decreases the coach vehicle’s gas mileage.Two wheel car towing- As the name suggests, this involves towing a car with two of its front wheels off the ground. It involves the use of a tow counter tricks that attaches to the coach vehicle. This dolly ensures that the two wheels that are off the ground are comfortably nestled in. It provides a cheap and efficient way to transport cars from one point to another. The most obvious drawback of two wheel car towing lies in the fact that the two wheels in contact with the ground inevitably wear down more than tucked away in the dolly.Flat towing- This involves the use of a tow-bar and is variously referred to as four wheels down towing. All four wheels are usually in contact with the ground with the car being towed following closely behind the coach vehicle. This towing method is also more economical than the two described hereinabove as a tow bar is a relatively inexpensive purchase.

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